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Victor DRIVEX F T Badminton Racquet

A control-oriented racket specifically design for female players. The fusion of DYNAMIC-HEX with NAN..

USD 94.00

Victor DX-9X B DriveX 9X Badminton Racquet

In 2020, DriveX is proud to be welcoming its new addition–DriveX 9X. Equipped with FREE CORE, a..

USD 150.00

Victor Iron Man Limited Racket Set

Inspired by the Marvel superhero - Iron Man, "Iron Man&..

USD 212.00

Victor JETSPEED S 12 II JS-12 II F Badminton Racquet

Weight / Grip Size3U / G54U / G5String tension LBS3U:≤30 lbs(13.5Kg)4U≤29 lbs(13Kg)Frame MaterialHig..

USD 143.00

Victor MJOLNIR METALLIC M Limited Racket

"VICTOR - Mjolnir METALLIC Limited Racket by VICTOR", inspired by the iconic weapon of Thor, the Mjo..

USD 180.00

Victor Spider-Man Themed Limited Racket Set

Weight / Grip Size4U / G5String tension LBS4U ≦28 lbs(12.5Kg)Frame MaterialHigh Resilience Modulus G..

USD 188.00

Victor THRUSTER F C LTD TK-F C LTD A Badminton Racquet (Disocntinued)

The shaft is printed with Tai’s signature.The decal on the shaft is designed with Tai’s tattoo. The ..

USD 195.00

Victor THRUSTER F Enhanced Edition Badminton Racquet

TK-F Enhanced Edition embodies the essence of the efforts made by the R&D team for the past two ..

USD 175.00 USD 155.00

Victor THRUSTER RYUGA II J Badminton racquet

TK-RYUGA II continues the concept of dragon elements, featuring the decals of dragon's eyes and whis..

USD 155.00

Victor THRUSTER TTY A Tai Tzu Ying Collection Badminton Racquet

The new Tai Tzu Ying Collection is themed around "Infinite," symbolizing Tai's indefinable and bound..

USD 180.00 USD 165.00